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With years of retreat-planning experience, we know what goes well, and what doesn't. 

Let us help you create a memorable and formative experience for your entire group!

If you need any assistance at all, you can set-up a phone call or in person meeting with our Director or Camp Host to help with your planning process! CONTACT US


The first question to answer is: what is the purpose of this camp/retreat? 

Is it to build team unity, lead individuals to ponder big life-questions, or is it meant a fun and fast-paced escape? 

How will you define success once the retreat is over?

Knowing your demographics will obviously help immensely with this. 


In our experience, each retreat should have a "theme" which the content/purpose is expounded on.

What is the curriculum?

Who is doing the teaching/leading? 

How about the worship?

See below for some resources on selecting a theme.


Once you have your theme and purpose, it is a good idea to develop a rough draft of your retreat schedule. 

What type of lodging will your group need to focus best?

Meeting spaces?

Group activities?

Individual refelction time?

See below for our example schedule.


"Plan your work and work your plan" is a common phrase around here! A few missteps in retreat planning can set a negative-tone for the rest of the trip. 

How will transportation be handled?

What is your budget per person? Will you be fundraising?

See below for other helpful resources!


Sample Retreat Schedule:

Retreat Planning Guides:

Flyer Creating Websites:

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